Empower Change

CoRestore is a holistic, mobile physical therapy + coaching practice. We serve women across the Minneapolis, MN area; driving to your home, office, school, gym, church, golf course, etc. typically within a 20 mile radius of Hopkins, MN. We also have virtual services available.

We’re not your typical physical therapy practice.

When you’re seen by Dr. Becca, you can expect to her to listen, understand your limitations and deeply educate you in the way your body was designed to heal in order to reach YOUR goals. We’re not just treating your shoulder or your hip; we’re treating YOU as a person and not just your body part. Decisions are made in the patients’ best interest, not based on your insurance companies’ belief on how often you should be seen or how long your treatment should last.

We’re here to present you with a solution and the results that you’re unable to achieve on your own. Everyone is unique, but we’ll see great changes in the body in 6-12 weeks.

Let us drive to you! Quit taking your PTO + drive time + time away from your family to get to therapy. Invest in yourself and you’ll be empowered to make changes that will last; creating a strong and confident role model for your kids and community.

Dr. Becca

Founder, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Coach

CoRestore was started by Dr. Becca. Throughout her 10 years of experience as a physical therapist and clinic manager, she has gained more confidence to step into a new role. As life grew busier after having her second baby, she felt the calling to open her own practice to create more balance in her own life. Throughout the journey, she has been able to reflect and wait in the stillness which inspired her to create a mobile practice. Her passion is to help other women welcome more balance into their busy lives. Her goal is to help other women be happier and healthier in body, mind, and spirit and to reclaim their joy.


My Story

I’m an open book when it comes to my health and wellness journey. It may surprise you to hear me say ‘I’m thankful for the pain and suffering’. Now, I couldn’t have said that while I was in the depths of my healing journey, but now as I’m entering a new season of my life and career, I can honestly say I’m thankful for the hardships.

My husband and kids suffered just as much as I did. I didn’t feel like I was providing the love and energy that my family deserved. I didn’t feel like I was giving my all to my husband, kids, or my job. I had lost my passion for helping people. My health was in a downward spiral and I didn’t have direction in my life. That all scared me.

A perfect storm of stress after my second pregnancy, navigating returning to work postpartum, and working full time while managing a clinic and staff through a pandemic seemed to bring me to my knees. I had extreme fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, heart palpitations, bloating, brain fog, many other symptoms and looking back I probably should have added postpartum depression to that list.

I started seeing a chiropractor that specialized in functional medicine and that offered me a way to help myself make changes to my diet, lifestyle. It gave me insight into WHY my body was reacting the way it was and how to start implementing change. After working with them, I started seeing a naturopathic doctor and my eyes where opened even further to the way our body, mind and spirit align to facilitate healing.


However, even after a year and half of prioritizing my healing journey with changes to diet, sleep, exercise, decreasing my workload, I still hadn’t felt my body making big changes. But, when I started decreasing my stress load, including stepping down from management and working part time, it gave me the gift of time to prioritize my husband and kids but most importantly reprioritizing my faith and foundation. I needed to find stillness as well as connection with other like-minded women, letting my mind and body rest in order to start healing.

Even though I’m still healing, I have a renewed sense of purpose. I have regained my JOY in life. I now have tools to deal with stress and anxiety. I am grateful for the opportunity to start my new business to help other women find their joy agin!

I want to walk alongside you on your healing journey to tell you that you are enough, you can heal, you can rise above all challenges. So, wherever you are on your healing journey, I want to help you.

I’m so grateful for the pain and hardship that gave rise to the opportunities to see how the body can heal when we provide it with the right foundation.

I know have been called to this profession and I love helping people.

God is good.

Big Hugs,


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