Education regarding lifestyle changes such as sleep, hydration, exercise

Education on nutrition/diet changes to support proper tissue healing

Stress reduction techniques

Mind, body, spirit connections to healing

Possible recommendation of supplements & tests to advance and support your healing

Other personalized  methods to facilitate healing


Breath work with emphasis on mechanics of the diaphragm, abdominals, pelvic floor

Hands on manual therapy to restore movement of fascia, muscles and lymphatic system

Reconnecting the brain + muscle connection after injury with specific movement patterns

Exercise programs are designed to accomodate busy schedules, making exercises fit as much as possible into daily life


Rediscover YOUR Joy.

“Rebecca is amazing! She is very hands on and loves to look at the big picture. She takes a holistic approach at what may be causing the discomfort. Lovely bedside manner and extremely knowledgeable!! I was able to get back to my nursing career!! ❤️ Highly recommend!!!”

“Becca is a gem. She has her patient/client’s total body wellness in mind as she works with them. For me, she came at the exact right time during my triathlon training journey. I was experiencing knee and hamstring issues. She not only supported me in completing the races I set out to finish physically, she treated my whole body wellness. She truly listened to me and my concerns and worked on clearing lymphatic pathways to gain access to even better health for me. She is kind, well educated and dedicated to lifelong learning and healing of the human body for all. Thankful she came into my life now and forever … I give her my highest endorsement and recommendation.”
“Rebecca Jorgenson is one of the FINEST providers I have encountered in all of medical care!   She is an extremely knowledgeable, conscientious and caring physical therapist.  I worked with her prior to having a spinal fusion and most recently for pelvic floor strengthening.  Anyone who seeks her care will be better and grateful!”