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the firm foundation

cultivate your core

deeper roots

refine & define

the firm foundation

⊕ 12 in-person 1-on-1 sessions over 24 weeks in your home, office, gym, park, church, golf course, etc. We can get creative since my practice is mobile.

⊕ Invest in your health & wellness so you can be the best version of yourself!

Ready to restore your joy?

If you’re ready to hit the ground running, this is an opportunity to build a stronger you, inside and out. Regain vibrance to your life, reclaim your energy, time, and take back your joy. When we feel optimal, we can better serve our spouses, children, friends and community.

cultivate your core

⊕ 6 in-person 1-on-1 sessions over 12 weeks in your home, office, gym, park, church, golf course, etc. We can get creative since my practice is mobile.

⊕  Start here to begin your wellness journey

How can I help myself?

If you’ve been wanting to implement small changes that can have a large impact, start here. Sometimes we can feel lost and unsure of that next step, but trust that you’re here for a reason and commit to shining your light a little brighter each day.

deeper roots

⊕ Invest in yourself for a deeper balance. Add another 6 visits over 12 weeks for advanced healing.

⊕ Amplify & Magnify the patterns and habits you’ve worked so hard to build.


Ready to grow deeper?

I’m so proud of you for taking the first steps to implementing change. I’d love to further empower you to keep learning and growing and expanding your knowledge to help yourself. Come along and I’ll teach you how to further implement life-changing methods to create peace and balance in your body.

refine & define

⊕ Once you’ve “graduated” from The Firm Foundation or Cultivate Your Core, you’ll have the option to schedule virtual wellness calls or in-person or 1-on-1 visits as part of an ongoing relationship.

⊕  ‘Practice makes Permanent’. A phrase I use consistenly; keep your body balanced with regular maintenance to keep shining your light.

⊕ My goal with this program is to keep you motivated to move more, be the best version of yourself, reassure you and cheer you on so you can give your prime energy and attention to your family.



Happy customers.

“She is extremely good at soft tissue mobilization. Her knowledge and technique are top notch. She has worked on my etire family for years and I highly recommend her.”

April 2021

“I would highly recommend Rebecca Jorgenson, DPT. She did a great job looking over my injured knee, providing pain relief by releasing scar tissue, and giving me good exercises for me to work on after my session. I would highly recommend her for ongoing care as she has been great to work with.”

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022